Sophie Kingsford Smith
Artist & forever wanderer.
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Michal Rotberg


Dallol, Ethopia
neon eruptions
Anagama 5, 1995. Lynda Benglis
distortions, melting, morphing, moving
Aggie Toppins

LOVE THIS!!!!! By Aggie Toppins. From a weekend workshop with one half of new fav artist duo ‘K to J’ KEETRA DEAN DIXON


Multi-color Atmosphere, Pasadena Art Museum (now Norton Simon Museum), Pasadena, CA, 1970 — Judy Chicago

implosion explosion
SURPRISE .  The things that greet you in your studio space 🐙 #speculative #transformation  (at UNSW College of Fine Arts)
opening 🌗  #movement #transformation #naturaldyes #naturaldye